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Get2insurance.com Family Office was created with you in mind. Our core values embrace providing individuals and families with solutions to their insurance needs without any obligation.

Each week, Get2insurance.com staff members provide over 25 hours of community service to individuals and families that need help navigating the insurance landscape. We provide contactless engagement and solutions that have helped save time, money and frustration. Our community service has helped us service many individuals impacted by recent furloughs and unexpected and permanent business closures. We have worked with individuals under 65 who need help with healthcare.gov federally subsidized plans, Medicaid and those turning 65 or recently retired and are new to Medicare and need to figure out how to enroll into core or traditional medicare Part A and Part B.

We have also helped individuals who are looking for help with 401(k) retirement plans. They want to protect those hard earned dollars in investments like principal protected annuities that don’t lose value. We can help with that too.

Get2insurance.com Family Office principals have decades of experience in the financial services and insurance industry. Our team has worked for local and national insurance companies to bring you expertise to guide you . Our team has had oversight for Medicare plans offered to individuals including those with Medicaid, federal and state retirees, unions and employer groups.

Our Managing Director is the syndicated radio talk show host of, “A Medicare Moment with Martha,” which airs in several markets including Hawaii on Salem Media Radio, America’s leading broadcaster in talk programming.

Educating and connecting people with health insurance that makes sense is every team member and volunteer’s passion at Get2insurance.com Contact us to review your situation or download our FREE “App” with valuable information via your Smartphone. Information is always just a few taps away with our App.

For help with Medicare – grab your smartphone and Text 36260 and the word MEDICARE for instructions to download our App.

For help with plans for individuals and/or families – Text 36260 and the word GETINSURANCE to get a quick quote based on your zip code, dependents and estimated household income.

We created these free tools so everyone in the community from newborns to nanas and papas and all those in between could find access and clear, unbiased information about insurance and enrollment.


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